planning methods
Ocasys: Toon vak IPD1: Planning Methods and Evaluation.
Apply a selection of planning support methods in a specific case and translate the methods outcomes in a spatial policy advice. Reflect on the value, use and performance of planning support and evaluation methods in different planning contexts. Clearly present the outcomes of the planning support methods as well as the knowledge and motives behind these methods to specialist and non-specialist audiences.
Family planning Sensoa International.
Holding back development. More than half of all women in developing countries between the ages of 15 and 49 want to avoid or postpone pregnancy and 225 million women in that group do not have access to modern contraception methods. However, family planning, or information on and access to contraception and fertility treatment, is essential for the health and development opportunities of women and their families.
Studiegids 2017/2018.
The methods will be applied in several case studies and landscape transformations related to agriculture, nature, recreation and tourism, mobility and network infrastructure, spatial-environmental conflicts and demography. Students are expected to reflect on the methods presented in the course, in order to improve their skills in distinguishing and selecting the appropriate methods in a given planning context.
Development of a serious game to introduce complex planning methods Universiteitsbibliotheek Gent.
Steenbeke, Pieter-Jan, and Hendrik Van Landeghem. Development of a Serious Game to Introduce Complex Planning Methods. Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. TY GEN UR http// ID rug01002301082: LA und TI Development of a serious game to introduce complex planning methods PY 2016 PB 2016.
Project Planning-vacatures maart 2018
Ensure the quality of your project by planning and managing the user acceptance testing and assisting business users performing the tests. Gesponsord door Bonque vacature opslaan. Junior Project Manager. Op regelmatige basis rapporteer je over project scope, planning en budget.

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